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I created this product with a team of four as part of the graduate-level course, Product Design. Throughout the course I gained hands-on experience with the iterative process of product development. This process included:

  • Need identification

  • Solution ideation

  • User research

  • UX design

  • Sustainability analysis

  • Prototyping 

Sprout is a plant health indicator that provides visual feedback regarding soil composition and the environment. Our user research led us to design a modern plant pot that communicates through color changing LEDs. 

SolidWorks and Rhino were used for 3D modeling and visualization. The final design was 3D printed on a Fortus 450MC. All software and electrical components were completed using Arduino (circuit visualization below). 

Our team went through two rounds of pitches and were voted 1st out of 16 teams by our classmates both times!


Early sketches in Rhino that were used to communicate the team's idea. Through user research, the pH sensor was ultimately removed due to lack of understanding by most plant parents.  


Circuit schematic made with Tinkercad. This schematic only includes the photoresistor and moisture sensor. 


Pictures of the final product showing soil moisture sensor and electrical housing.  

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